About Lehigh Valley Celtic Music

This website was born on Christmas Day 2008. I have always loved "traditional" music from the Gaelic nations and the modern music inspired by it. In the last few years I have been fortunate enough to find some wonderful musicians and "Celtic music" events in the Lehigh Valley area.

At every event I would have conversations with others who loved the music and didn't know where to find more like it. Then I started to hear that some "regular" offerings were not going to have a future because the venues weren't getting the turnout they needed in order to sponsor the events. Finally I realized that for 18 months or so I had spent upwards of 7 hours a week surfing websites hoping to find local Celtic music events - and even so was often frustrated to see newspaper coverage of performances that I would definitely have attended if only I had found out BEFORE the performance.

I want this website to be a resource for all those who love the music:

I hope it will help audiences find the wonderful music happening here in the culturally rich area between Philadelphia and New York City --
-- which have their own very rich Irish/Scottish music scenes and their own web-directories.

I hope it will help people and organizations find musicians to bring the music to their special events.

I hope it will help musicians find one another - We all know what it's like to misplace someone's business card the week before we really need it.

The calendar contains events within a 2-hour drive of center-city Bethlehem, as roughly the center of the Lehigh Valley. I make a special effort to post events that will include our local musicians --- which is why one Philadelphia event might be posted and not another.

I welcome leads to performers, events, venues, and organizations I haven't discovered yet. My personal passion is for those who are keeping the musical traditions and spirit alive of those cultures we here label "Celtic."

What you will find here are true "Celtic" folk musicians, as well as artists who are following their muse to weave together elements of the beauty from many heritages, but who have an identifiably "Celtic" flavor.

What you will not find here are Celtic rock bands or grunge bands wearing kilts. Nothing against rock, urban, punk or grunge. They just interest a different audience.

I will not knowingly post a performance to which you would feel uncomfortable taking your child, your mother, your mother's priest or pastor, or a first date. Anything marked "for adult audiences" means I have reason to believe that some people might be offended by some of the lyrics or banter.

This website is for you. If you have additions for the calendar or suggestions on how it can be more useful, I welcome your feedback at info(at)lehighvalleyceltic.com

Thank you for visiting!

Megan Everett